Semi in Review: This Season’s Fashion Trends

By Olivia Strong ’20

As high school students, it is not often that we are able to dress up and get out of our normal everyday wear, so when the semi-formal dance rolls around each year, it is no surprise that DS students want to dress to impress! Our clothing selection becomes the topic of conversation for weeks. Questions like  “What does your dress look like?”, “Have you gotten shoes yet”, and “Are you wearing a jacket and tie?” fill the halls from the first day of November until the day of the dance in December. Less formal than the black-tie attire of prom, the relaxed nature of the semi-formal dress code allows for more flexibility and fun to be had with an outfit. This typically means shorter dresses for girls and either a suit and tie or sports coat for guys.  

At Derryfield’s semi-formal on December 7th, a few distinct fashion trends emerged.  Not surprising, black seemed to be the color of the night. Whether it was velvet, lace, or silk, black was worn by most girls and many guys as well.  The students who chose to wear this color clearly know that you can’t go wrong with black. It is the classic color choice for any formal event. Other festive party-goers embraced the spirit of the holiday season as many shades of red had a strong representation on the dance floor. Dressing for the season is always a great way to make a fashion statement!  While many girls opted for the bodycon mini dresses of seasons past, a new trend of long sleeves emerged this year. Dresses of black lace with a nude underlay are in this winter, and many DS girls picked up on this trend, sporting it in many lengths and styles. This winter, some on-trend styles that you can wear are animal print; monochrome; jewel tones of amethyst, emerald, and ruby; 80’s barrettes; velvet; and sequins; all of which could be seen on the dance floor. While the Derryfield girls seemed to be very trendy with their outfit choices, the guys decided to be a bit more traditional wearing simple, dark-colored jackets and ties rather than the bold colors and plaid that we are seeing emerge in men’s fashion this season.

Some on-trend styles that you can wear are animal print, monochrome, jewel tones of amethyst, emerald, and ruby, 80’s barrettes, velvet, and sequins.

With the semi-formal season behind us, it is just a matter of time until we move into the spring trends and are able to see all the new styles that Derryfield students will decide to wear at Prom. 

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